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【名称】  第五套人民币错版一组三张 
【规格】长:15.4cm    宽:7.55cm 
【类别】  钱币   



The wrong version of coin means that there are some engraving errors in the design or master version in the manufacture, because in the present world, it is impossible to determine what is the real wrong version of coin, so the defective products in the manufacture are also the wrong version of coin. The collecting idea followed by collectors all over the country in the trading market is that things are rare and precious, and the rare and peculiar possession of great collecting value and special significance determines the key of collecting value of such collections. The fifth set of misprinted RMB coins in the collection hobby circle of today's society has attracted the common attention and favor of many collectors, and its collection value has also been significantly increased.

Wrong coins, also known as defective sub-coins, refer to mistakes made in the process of printing and coinage. Paper money usually has Fuer, multilateral, folding, missing printing, serious deviation of watermarks or patterns, color shift, lengthened coins, covering with other paper when printing, etc. Coins generally have the situation of backlash, weak strike, punch-through and blackbread. It is worth noting that The wrong currency is not a counterfeit currency. It can also be used in the market. It belongs to the wrong version of watermarking.

There are more than one wrong edition of this set of coins. Two of them have bows on them and one is a watermarking wrong edition. It's really rare.

In today's society, with the gradual progress of science and technology and the remarkable improvement of the quality of economic conditions in our great motherland, more and more people have joined the ranks of collectors. Their love for collecting banknotes has formed a huge active space, and their collection value of misprinted coins is even greater. With the doubling of speculation, the fifth set of misprinted RMB coins has formed a good collection value. It is a very long-term project for our collection enthusiasts to collect and invest in it, and its collection value is bound to be immeasurable in the future.

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